​Many of the cataract patients come to the Clinic when they are functionally blind, often with previous loss of one eye or bilateral advanced cataracts.

Surgery is complicated by the advanced nature of many cataracts and the high rate of pseudoexfoliation  syndrome, often with very lax zonules and poorly dilating pupils.  We perform small incision extra-capsular and phaco-emulsification cataract surgery.

Patients stay at the Clinic overnight, and are examined the first post-operative day. They are provided with medications and instructions following surgery, and are seen again in one week by a local ophthalmologist.

We perform small incision extra capsular and phacoemulsification cataract surgery.

We also provide surgery for pterygia, minor lid procedures, YAG capsulotomy and laser iridotomies.

Prior to surgery patients receive a full ophthalmologic examination and A scan ultrasonography.  Anesthesia is administered by peri-bulbar block.  ​Surgery is performed using a Zeiss S4 ophthalmic microscope with an assistant microscope and video monitoring.

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